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DOC Program Statements

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1000:  General Administration

1010.1I Organization of the Department of Corrections
1010.5H Chain of Command
1012.6H Honor Guard
1112.1D  Procedures for Official Forms Management
1131.1A Procedures for the Management of Grant Programs 
1220.1E Customer Service
1270.1G Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)
1280.2J  Reporting and Notification Procedures for Significant Incidents and Extraordinary Occurrences
1280.3E Erroneous Releases and Escape Notification
1300.1I  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
1300.3B Health Information Privacy (HIPAA)
1310.3H Volunteer Services Program
1310.6A-23 Court Appearance Worksheet
1311.1J  Research Activity
1311.7C Quality Assurance and Accountability
1340.4F Media Public Relations/Scheduling Department Events/Facility Tours
1340.5A Social Media Policy
1400.1-23 Transgender Housing Committee
1440.1G Lawsuits Against Individual Employees
1440.2G Inmate Financial Obligations

2000:  Business and Fiscal Administration

2120.2E DOC Reimbursement For Federal Prisoners
2120.3F Food Service Program
2330.1E Excess Property
2420.2    Information Security
2420.3A Procuring and Paying for Goods and Services
2420.4E E-mail and Internet Use
2830.1J  Use of Government Vehicles - Fleet Management
2920.3E Control of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Chemicals
2920.4D Inspections and Abatement Program
2920.6C Housekeeping Plan
2920.7D Clothing and Linen Exchange
2920.8E Environmental Safety and Sanitation Inspections (NEW UPDATE)
2920.9C Hot Work Program
2921.2C Reporting Employee Accidents and On-the-Job Injuries
2922.1C Workers' Compensation

3000:  Human Resource Management

3040.1D Employee Emergency Contacts
3040.4A Essential and Emergency Employees 
3040.5F Outside Employment and Other Activity
3040.6H Personnel Security And Suitability Investigations
3110.3G Promotion Process for Lead Correctional Officer (Sergeants)
3125.1C Appointment of Notaries Public 
3210.2B Performance Evaluations
3220.1   Employee Recognition Program
3250.1   DOC Recruiting-Referral Bonus Program
3300.1F Employee Code of Ethics and Conduct
3300.2B Non-Fraternization
3310.4K Sexual Harassment Against Employees
3320.2E Employee Grievance Procedure (Non-Union)
3350.2I  Elimination of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct
3360.2H Employee Attire
3360.8-16 Uniform/Equipment Issuance and Replacement
3410.1C Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
3490.7B Affirmative Attendance
3490.9A Employee Leave Approvals
3700.2I  Employee Training and Professional Development
3720.1H University Student Practicum Program
3800.1G Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program
3800.4B DOC Language Access Program
3800.5A Religious Employment Discrimination and Accommodation Policy
3800.6A ADA Accommodations for Inmates
3810.1  ADA-Accommodating Employees with Disabilities - New Issuance

4000:  Inmate Management

4010.2H Inmate Personal Grooming
4020.1G Inmate Orientation
4020.2   Admissions Process
4020.3I Gender Classification and Housing
4020.4A Inmate Voting Process
4021.1A Risk and Needs Assessment
4022.1D Community Correctional Center (CCC) Disciplinary Procedures
4030.1M Inmate Grievance Procedure (IGP)
4030.3   Behavioral Health Services
4050.1H Inmate Property
4060.2H Inmate Record
4070.1G Inmate Telephone Access
4070.4G Inmate Correspondence and Incoming Publications
4070.5   Inmate Newspaper Publication (New Issuance)
4081.1   Inmate Visitation
4090.3K  Classification (Program Review)
4090.4D TRM Custody Classification Instrument
4090.5B Cooperating Witness Security
4110.7G Educational Services
4151.1F Inmate Recreation Program
4158.1G Commissary Operations
4160.3K  Access to Legal Counsel (Attorney Visits)
4160.4G Library Services
4210.2I  Inmate Institutional Work Program
4210.3D Processing Inmate Personal Funds
4210.4B Inmate Welfare Fund (IWF)
4220.1H Inmate Release Gratuity
4341.1C Good Time Credits
4350.1H Sex Offender Registration
4352.1D Inmate/Arrestee/Resident Deaths
4353.3E Separation (No Contact) Cases
4356.1C Interstate Agreements on Detainers (IAD)
4356.5  Immigration Status/Immigration Interview Process
4400.1  DOC Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC)
4410.1J Religious Programs
4500.1  DOC Tablet Distribution Program
4910.1I   Escorted Trips
4923.5E Re-Eentry Program and Services

5000:  Security Management

5008.1-23 Rounds Tracking (Guard1 Plus)
5009.2 Searches of Inmates, Inmate Housing Units, Work and Program Areas
5010.1 Security Inspections
5010.2 Accountability for Inmates
5010.3G Contraband Control
5010.4 Post Orders
5010.5 Armory Operations
5010.8 Staffing and Manpower Utilization
5011.1 Possession and use of Firearms
5011.2 Issuance and use of Body Armor
5011.3 Use of Force
5020.1 Entrance & Exit
5022.1 Tool Control
5030.5 Canine Unit
5031.1 CDF Emergency Plan
5110.6 Perimeter Security - Tower Post Regulations
5160.3 Tactical Response Unit
5300.1I  Inmate Disciplinary and Administrative Housing Hearing Procedures
5320.1 Key Control
5500.2C Restrictive Housing of Inmates

6000:  Medical Management

6000.1J  Medical Management
6000.3B Mental Health Step - Down Unit
6050.1G Tuberculosis Control Program
6050.2G Drug Testing of Inmates
6050.3D Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program (RSAT)
6060.2 Smoke-Tobacco Product Free Environment
6060.3A Employee Fitness Room
6080.2H Suicide Prevention and Intervention

7000:  Facilities Management

7500.2C Facilities Management

8000:  Community Service Management

8010.1C Work Release Program