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Volunteers/Service Providers

The District of Columbia Department of Corrections (DC DOC) is taking a wholistic and strategic approach to Corrections by identifying the challenges voiced by the men and women in our care and custody. DC DOC utilizes the Volunteer Services department to establish collaborative relationships with the region’s network of health and social service providers who support the provision of critical programs and services to our residents. This vital support during incarceration fosters partnerships to enhance the continuity of care when our residents return to the community.

The DC DOC staff, its volunteers, and its service providers collaborate to offer residents a variety of services such as but not limited to faith-based programming, wellness practices, reading and writing workshops, mentoring, case management support, life skills and job-readiness placement assistance training, health education, parenting classes, violence prevention and trauma counseling, housing placement, voting education, behavioral health services, substance abuse treatment and prevention, art therapy, HIV/AIDS education and family reunification.

One of the goals of DC DOC’s Programs and Case Management (PCM) division is to provide as many evidence-based, best and promising practices and programs as possible for successful community reintegration. It is also equally important for the agency to utilize metrics to evaluate the program effectiveness and demonstrate its impact by using data where possible to prove that the programs and services we offer actually work and are making a difference in the lives of our residents. This selective process allows DC DOC to strengthen its program and service offerings and ensure they are delivered in an effective manner and generate meaningful outcomes.

Start Services with DC DOC

The DC DOC is always looking for passionate and impactful volunteers/service providers to enhance our portfolio of programs and services offered to the men and women in our care and custody. Our volunteers/service providers must meet the following minimum requirements before they can begin to provide services: 

A. For individual or organizational volunteers/service providers:

  • Must be a person of good character;
  • Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
  • Must pass a criminal background investigation for a determination of suitability to provide services in a correctional setting;
  • Must pass a urinalysis screening;
  • Must submit a Tuberculosis (TB) test result; 
  • Must submit proof of being fully vaccinated, or submit a weekly negative COVID-19 test result;
  • Must have the capability of making a worthwhile contribution to the mission, goals, and objectives of the DC Department of Corrections; and
  • Must provide a copy of their licensure, credentials and/or certification with their initial application.

B. For returning citizens as volunteers/service providers, the following criteria must be met and approved by the Director of DC DOC:

  • Must not have been incarcerated or sentenced to a period of probation within the past three (3) years; and 
  • Must verify that the volunteer/ service provider does not have any separation orders from a resident within DC DOC.

Below are the forms for new volunteers/service providers:

Below are the forms for existing volunteers/service providers:

In-Facility or Institutional Program/Service Provider Requirements

As part of our new process, all in-facility or institutional program/service, providers are required to complete the New Program/Service Proposed Application (see above). Upon DC DOC’s review and approval of the proposed program/service, the provider will be notified to complete the volunteer services application process listed here - Volunteer Requirements to Enter DC DOC Facilities. Once the service provider is cleared and has completed the volunteer services process, including training, the service provider should request a Memorandum of Agreement from DC DOC’s Program Administrator, Mr. Dele Faly at: [email protected]. For both new and existing programs and services providers, you will need to complete the volunteer services application process for FY 2022.

Virtual or Digital Program/Service Provider Requirements 

The DC Department of Corrections (DC DOC) Programs and Case Management (PCM) Division is welcoming community-based organizations (CBOs) to participate in DC DOC’s virtual programming and services. Interested creative and innovative CBOs are encouraged to submit interactive webinars, podcasts, or self-pre-recorded video sessions, to enhance service delivery and programming for the men and women who are in our custody and care. For virtual or digital programming and services requirements, please follow the instruction below: 

1. Please refer to the same volunteer services application process above. 

2. Once the above requirements are met, please submit the virtual programming and services content to the respective PCM staff by 4:00PM on the Thursday of each week:

  • Women’s Program Services: Program Manager, Ms. Tameka Link at [email protected] or at (202)790-6653 for additional information

  • Men’s Re-entry Services: Unit Coordinator, Mr. Robert Greene at [email protected] or at (202)790-6703 for additional information

  • Religious Services: Supervisory Chaplain, Reverend Nicole Colbert at [email protected] or at (202)790-7079 for additional information

3. Please follow virtual programming and services content requirements:

Media and/or audio files that are smaller than 500MB and in the format of:

  • MP4, MP3, FLV, F4V, MOV, or WEBM 

  • Preferably no longer than 20 minutes each

Re-entry Program and Service Provider Requirements

For a re-entry partnership through the READY Center, please visit the program and service requirements for the READY Center.

New DC DOC In-facility or Institutional and Re-entry Program and Service Requirements & Partnership with Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants (OVSJG)

For service provider funded through Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants (OVSJG) please read the New DC Department of Corrections (DC DOC) In-facility or Institutional and Re-entry Program and Service Requirements and Partnership with Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants (OVSJG)

Interested parties who would like to provide services should complete the volunteer services process as outlined above. Should you have additional questions becoming a volunteer at DC DOC or if you are already a volunteer/service provider and would like to obtain your recertification, please contact Mrs. Sandra Thalley, Volunteer Services Assistant, at [email protected] or (202) 523-7075.

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