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Volunteer or Service Provider

The Department of Corrections continues to establish win-win relationships with the region's network of community-based service providers who support the provision of critical wraparound services to the inmate population-- this vital support includes in-reach/intervention during incarceration and post release.  In support of our efforts to keep our partners fully engaged, DOC established a formal body--Linking Institutions Neighborhoods and Community Services (LINCS) to ensure that  volunteer and community partners remain open to sharing information and ideas and providing feedback about issues impacting the work they do within the jail and the community. 

The DOC volunteer corps works collaboratively with agency personnel in offering religious services, spiritual counseling, reading and writing workshops, mentoring and case management support, life skills and job-readiness training, pre-natal and health education, parenting classes, fatherhood support, domestic violence counseling, housing and placement assistance, substance abuse counseling and intervention, art therapy, HIV/AIDS education, vocational training, job placement assistance and legal guidance. 

During 2012, DOC hired a Volunteer Services Coordinator with primary responsibility for interfacing with volunteers, ensuring their needs are met, conducting outreach to further expand services offered and holding regularly scheduled forums to maintain open lines of communication.

Those who volunteer and provide services to the inmate population, play a vital role in the jail’s day-to-day operations.  Assistance/support is needed in a range of areas including:

  • Pre-Release Rehabilitation Programming
  • Mentoring
  • Counseling
  • Re-entry Services
  • Transitional Housing

Individual or members of a group/organization must meet the following minimal qualifications:

  • Any citizen of good character, at least twenty-one (21) years of age, and who has the capability of making a worthwhile contribution to the mission, goals and objectives of DOC is eligible to apply to become a volunteer.
  • Individuals who offer professional services shall provide a copy of their licensure, credentials and/or certificate status in the initial application to include imams, ministers, priests, rabbis, social workers, psychologists, etc.
  • Volunteers are eligible to apply to function in any volunteer capacity for which they are professionally qualified.
  • Groups/organizations seeking to place volunteers in DOC to earn experience, credit, or for philanthropic reasons, may be required to produce proof of liability insurance upon request by the DOC General Counsel.

If you would like to volunteer or partner with DOC, you should contact Dr. Linda Greene, volunteer services coordinator at (202) 523-7075. Organizational requests should be submitted on official letterhead, and include an organizational profile and the specific service/program the organization proposes to provide. Letters of reference should be included for each participating member of the organization. 

Individual requests should also be made to the Volunteer Services Coordinator and include a personal profile, the specific service or program the individual proposes to provide and two letters of reference. Please note that volunteer applicants are subject to criminal background checks and drug testing. More information on volunteer services can be found in Program Statement 1310.3F Volunteer Services Program [PDF].


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